Adult Classes

Our adult classes offer an ongoing schedule with open registration – you may join at any time.

Minimum age for these classes is freshman in high school.

Although we have no specific dress code for adult classes, typical clothing for a Ballet class is leotard, tights and ballet slippers, possibly with a ballet skirt. For a Stretch ‘n Tone class, or Modern Dance class, leggings or yoga pants with a t-shirt and bare feet are usual. For a Jazz class, you may wear leggings or yoga pants with a t-shirt, and either jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or bare feet.

Stretch ‘n Strengthen is a dance/exercise class with an emphasis on developing flexibility and strength. It uses dance, Pilates and yoga-based exercises choreographed to music. The class includes standing and floor exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles, but no traveling combinations. No previous experience is necessary – class exercises can be easily modified to the individual’s own level.

Classical Ballet classes, using correct French terminology, will follow the traditional class format of barre exercises, center floor exercises plus turning and traveling exercises. “Open Level” Ballet class will be directed toward the experience level of the current participants. “Intermediate/Advanced Level” Ballet class is designed for participants with several years experience in ballet.